Extra Virgin Olive Oil AGRUMATO® with Bergamot


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Extra Virgin Olive Oil AGRUMATO® with Bergamot is obtained by simultaneous cold pressing of fresh bergamots and olives.

The color of this EVOO made by AGRUMATO® is deep green with shades of yellow.

The taste is explosive, rich in the aromatic scents of bergamot. It releases fragrances that inevitably take us back to the smells of the Ionian coast, that is, that strip of land in the heart of the Mediterranean, where this plant has found its natural habitat.

It`s ideal for dressing salads, is extraordinary on grilled meats or fish such as on carpaccio or more simply on bruschetta. Also excellent to use in the preparation of cakes and pies with a very strong flavor. Just a few drops are enough to embellish all your preparations, with our unmistakable AGRUMATO® touch.

AGRUMATO® Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Bergamot is obtained from the simultaneous pressing of fresh olives and bergamots.

The color of this extra virgin olive oil branded AGRUMATO® is mainly green with yellow hues.

The taste is unparalleled, surprising and rich. The freshness of the bergamots releases bold floral notes in the taste of this Extra Virgin Olive Oil, making it a unique condiment.

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Extra virgin olive oil, bergamot.

Nutritional Values

Average nutritional values per 100ml:

Energy 3697kj/899kcal
Fats 99g
of which saturated fatty acids 15,1g
Carbohydrates 0g
of which sugars 0g
Fibers 0g
Protein 0g
Halls 0g


Net content: 200ml

Manufactured by AGRUMATO S.r.l. – Via del Mare 196 – Lanciano – Abruzzo, Italy

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